TAWOG: College Days by TehRealMonkeyjelly

TAWOG: College Days


21 January 2020 at 21:21:06 MST

Well this was something that popped in my head this morning and I wanted to draw it out. I also wanted to try a different art style for once. I was inspired by :iconSliverScarf: 's Art style and kind of want to try it out. I can say it does look good and probably do more of this in the future. Whenever I can. I wanted to give them a college look and what I visioned them to be when they get to college. Kind of like All Grown Up, but Cartoon Network Edition.

Artist Note:
I grew up with this show when it first aired on Cartoon Network back in 2008, it was something that kept me going. Even through the rough times in my life and yet I watched many or all the episodes and it continues to amaze me till the very end.

Characters - Carrie, Darwin, Gumball, and Penny (Belong to Cartoon Network or the show, The Amazing World Of Gumball)

Art by Me/TehRealMonkeyjelly


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    Super unique! I love how you did Gumball and Carrie!

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