Reuberry by TehRealMonkeyjelly



28 July 2019 at 00:31:27 MDT

Oh, Reuben you've became a Reuberry. Heh. Nobu Smiles wanted to try his new chewing gum (which he was inspired by a book X3) ever since the Blueberry Jelly Cake incident back when he first brought the product to Rakun. So, he wanted to slim it down to an easier and lesser experience without the blueberry expansion.  So, after long nights of trying to perfect the Best Gum in the many dimensions, it was done. Now, Nobu needed a taste tester and Reuben was on that list. So, as the experiment went on reuben put the gum in his mouth and got the impact of the flavors of blueberry, but he didn't realize that his nose will be blue and soon his whole body and the rest is history. After the "failure" of the gum, he went back to the drawing board, but something inside him sparked, about the gum its a "Blueberry Riot." Nobu order his little mminions to roll the giant blueberry experiment to the juicng room to prepare him to get juiced. 

This is for blueberry month and getting it done in time for once X3 

Characters - Reuben or 625 (Belongs to Disney)
Art by me

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