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Who wants a commission? (Open)

on 8 April 2014 at 13:05:41 MDT

I'm tried of beating around the bush. I'm tired of being tired and of having a real lack of motivation to do my passion. I don't know why I have had this feeling for several months, but I don't want to loose sight of doing what I love. I am open for commissions.

Because of my new job, I can't expect to push out a peice of quality work in a quick turn around like I used to. So as a little forewarning, if you're looking for art quickly in a fast turn around, I'm not your artist. I -will- be taking my time. But don't let that be a turn down for you! The longer I get the chance to work on it, the better the quality. :) The wait shouldn't be longer than two to three weeks.

Here's my usual speel for commissions.

All base prices are for a single character, no background.

Clean sketches/Line Art - $10
Flat Colors - $20
Basic Shading - $30
Detailed Shading - $40 (I'll be super picky with these since they're time consuming)

Here is a sheet with examples and prices of each type url=[/url]

Add $5 to each base price per additional character.

Add $10 per each base price for a background. (I'm not super awesome at these, but I can do them with a refference~)

I am also taking bage commissions at $15 a piece. They will be using the same template as [url=]-THESE-[/url] They DO NOT have to be ponies, I can change the template to any critter, and they can be used for any convention. They will come mounted on colored construction paper of your choice, laminated and come with a key chain clasp for attaching to lanyards. :3 All badges need to stay clean and within a PG rating.

I don't normally post this but I think I will this time. :P

I WILL NOT DRAW: Porn, Fetishes (tame or not), Penises or Vaginas, Robots (Simple cybernetics are okay though.) Nothing complicated (I don't want to draw your dogcatfoxoctopusdragon creature, lol)

I WILL DRAW: Tasteful nudes (minus thier bits, nipples are okay and only by request), I can draw couples or group picture (I'll let you know if you many characters in one pic is too many. :P) I can try any spiecies you throw at me. (I'm up for anything new as long as it's not super complcated.)

I DO have notes open now. I finally got around to cleaning out my inbox and starting fresh. If anyone is interested in a commission, please note me with your character information. I will reply to you with a total and my paypal. (I will also ask for your address if you're buying a badge) Once payment is sent and everything is agreed upon, I will add you to my queve. If I do not awnser your note, I probablly did not accept it. No worries though! There will be plenty of chances to get one. :)

Commission List:

Thank you to anyone that took the time to read this.

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Basic Shade

Basic Shade
$ 30.00

Flat Color

Flat Color
$ 20.00

Full Shade

Full Shade
$ 40.00

Line Art

Line Art
$ 10.00


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