MLP Sweater Art Pack! by TehButterCookie

MLP Sweater Art Pack!


21 September 2015 at 11:52:27 MDT

For Sweater September I have made a cute MLP sweater-themed art pack !!
It's a collab pack,I did the lines,and my bf darkelfaqua did the colors/shading !
There are 6 images for your enjoyment ! It was a fun pack to make and I am proud of how it came out ^^

This Art Pack is SFW,slightly suggestive though (shows some panties and cleavage) : Click Here-" , it is PWYW (pay what you want) only $1 min!
If you wanna give $1 or $100 (I can dream?),feel free! Any amount is greatly appreciated !! <3

ALSO,got some extra stuff may become available!
If total combined donations for this pack reach $100+ within two weeks , I will draw TWO additional images featuring none other than Princess Luna & Princess Celestia in the same sweater theme as this pack! Those two images will be completed within 2 weeks and uploaded for FREE for everyone to enjoy !! <3
Current donations : $12

Obviously if you buy the pack,I thank you so much,and please do not repost any of the images! c: <3