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Teddo G. Bear is Ready for Battle! by TeddoGBear

Teddo G. Bear is Ready for Battle!


8 June 2021 at 14:29:00 MDT

"Don't waste my time,let's go."

Awesome Fanart I have recieved from my very Talented friend AnthonyM-Annihil8r Please be sure to give him a ton of Hugs and Fries for me! This is part of his Fighters Shot images which are absolutely amazing. Imagine a mighty Grizzly in a suit and gun in hand ready to challenge you? This would be the case.

Artwork by AnthonyM/TrueArena111

Teddo G Bear belongs to me.

I listened to some people's suggestions and Yes Just know more Teddo G Bear art is coming along with my side characters,I will get more in depth with them as soon as Possible.