Wide Open! by teckworks

Wide Open!


20 October 2014 at 21:54:33 MDT

It's come to my attention that I'm capable of some pretty ballin' stuff when I actually put forth time and effort.

Commission for dinonickp

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Visual / Digital


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    This is so epic!

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    Damn, thats some sexy stuff. So dynamic and pretty badass all around, those lines really bring some epic feeling on this. Great work on the effects as well, pretty marvelous stuff.

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    So kick ass.

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    Wow, I wish their where cartoons that looked like this.
    Most of that stuff these days look so half ass'ed. Truly awesome.

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    Would that be Elgiza or the Lucario? After all, you only fall at a certain rate, and that Lucario is currently hanging in the air on a predictable path that might still be a good few moments from being over. In spite of Elgiza having her back to them currently, she does seem to see what's coming and seems to be ready with an Ice Punch counter-attack. At worst it looks like it's going to be a case of "Elgiza is momentarily in a bad position but her opponent seems to have squandered the opportunity doing flashy shit". Buuut that's just me nitpicking the setup based on the image title.

    It is pretty balling work though, as you said. :V I like the little texture details on Elgiza's feathery parts and the sky above in particular, personally. That and the "icy fire" look is pretty awesome too.

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    Sick bra

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    Heh again epic stuff. Get the counter ready