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Mother and Child by TeamCapumon (critique requested)

Mother and Child (critique requested)


14 May 2017 at 00:46:59 MDT

Oh jeez, my activity died on here completely. I haven't checked this site in over a month |D the last time I checked it was the last time I uploaded a picture, aha.

Been working mostly on owed art/CS stuff over on DeviantArt still!! My mood hasn't improved at all and I can't seem to draw my OCs in any positions good enough to make a full background-included image of, and just in general I haven't been able to draw my characters, so I haven't had anything to upload ;; and unfortunately I don't think that'll change anytime soon. If you're interested in my art, go to my dA - I'm way more active on there! It's the same username that I have on here~

Anyways, this drawing is of my character Marble and her mother. Marble's mother and father look very different from one another, without getting too in-depth into the genetics behind their species haha, which is why her mother looks pretty different from her! Marble inherited her mother's quadruped stature, dragon-like body, snout, ears, and claws. Everything else, including the color, was inherited from her father.

Happy Mother's Day to all the (good, non-abusive*) mothers of the world!

  • = you get none of my sympathy if you're an abusive parent tbh, screw you for giving mothers a bad name and double screw you for abusing someone whose forced to obey and depend on you

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