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Marble and Devin by TeamCapumon (critique requested)

Marble and Devin (critique requested)


8 March 2017 at 23:06:18 MST

I've come to realize that Marble and Devin would be really good friends if they existed in the same world. They're both innocent beans who don't want to hurt anything but are forced into situations where violence out of self-defense is necessary. Marble's got...about five years on Devin as far as age goes (Devin's 8, Marble's 13) but Marble's kind of immature for her age while Devin's slightly mature for his age (emphasis on slightly, because he's still a big blubbering crybaby) so it all works out lol. Too bad they'd never be able to canonically meet in their respective stories, rip. Oh well, one more non-canon relationship wont kill Marble //bricked

I've also come to realize that I have no idea what my art style is doing anymore but it always looks better when I try to draw cute things, so I tried to draw cute things. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I used a pallet for the lighting and background on this piece! Like I didnt follow the pallet exactly for Devin and Marble but I used overlapping effects and opacity ect to incorperate the colors into the piece. Here's the pallet I used:

Characters and art are C me