Unfamiliar Forest by TeamCapumon (critique requested)

Unfamiliar Forest (critique requested)


30 October 2016 at 12:08:20 MDT

I spent 5+ concentrated hours of only a little distraction and complete and utter frustration on this
Also it was probably more than 5 hours because the sketch alone took at least two hours, but I stopped keeping track before I even finished the sketch so...

I wanted to draw Pidge but I also wanted to draw angst and this happened; this was supposed to be about the Holts but then anatomy was like "nah" and I couldn't figure out how to incorporate it. Humaning is hard.

Idk what this is...I think I confused Pidge's location in the S2 trailer with Lance and Hunk's and well

I'm legitimately not happy with how this came out, ughhh I didn't upload it when I finished it because I was so displeased with how it came out. It's not even bad for me, but hhh idk I'm having a lot of (justified) anxiety over my art style in general I guess. And I don't human well so like. Guess its a good thing I didn't have any self esteem to start with. Whatever, if I stare at this any longer I'll never upload it, so here have this mess of a piece of artwork.

Voltron Legendary Defender is C Dreamworks

Critiques are highly welcomed and appreciated! <3

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