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[C] Anythin New Today? by TeaLBiTZ

[C] Anythin New Today?


7 August 2019 at 14:21:56 MDT

Older Art, just catching up

Days where you just never want to get up and binge watch videos instead :3

Commission for cas.blast on Instagram of their Tufted Deer, Deo!

First time drawing hooves and cervines, so this was an experience! Also fell for the shading
Struggled with the background though. You won’t see it in the speedpaint but afterwards while asking my mate to criticize me to make it as perfect as I can, he said it was a bit off putting and why he felt it was. Took a bit to change it and IDK if I fixed it :< Anyways, hope ya like it!!

~Speed Paint~

Time: I didn't mark the time and deleted the source clips T^T
Tool(s): XP-PEN Artist12 11.6in
Software: Medibang Paint Pro

Art ~ TeaLBiTZ
Character(s) ~ cas.blast

🐾 Like my work, tipping would be greatly appreciated!! 💜
Any support is appreciated (favs, comments, sharing, etc) 💙

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