[3D] Turret Model by Taw

[3D] Turret Model


8 October 2012 at 00:53:38 MDT

A speed model turret I did for a class a few months back.

I was mostly focusing on clean topology, and need to definitely work on lower polygon count for my next speed modelling. This one ended up being just over 100k polys, with the bullets each being quite dense, so I should try and model quick, but keep good topology and poly count.

Ah well, was a learning experience!

Modelled in 3.5 hours using a Starcraft Turret as reference for the base.

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    This is epic! :D

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      Thanks! I'll be uploading a few more pieces soon, though I need to practice a lot more before I think I'll be up to par with some other people already on here~

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        I make games so looking at your stuff is inspiring!

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          Glad to hear it! I'm hoping to get my foot into the games industry sometime in the near future, though got to move first, settle in, and work on a new demo reel!

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            Yeah! :D I mainly work on 2D games, but, that's why I like the high poly models, because they are used as animations instead of real 3D. so it looks epic. If I get to where I need a modeler I'll see where your at!

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    Dang, this looks neat! I love all the small details. :3

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      Thanks! It's one of my favourite pieces, though my school thought it wasn't too great for some reason. @_@ Oh well~