Tauren sculpture by TaruHanako

Tauren sculpture


22 September 2014 at 22:22:19 MDT

Hey everyone :)

This is a sculpture for one of my best friends of his Tauren hunter!
I worked on and off on this for a year but I sometimes did not work on it for months.

The material is Super Sculpy over a wire and tin foil frame, the chains were real chains I bought and I painted all with acrylics and made the nose sparkly with a clear coat which wasn't the best idea because it dissolved the paint a bit :'D

It was my first time using Super Sculpy and I learned a lot during that year soo the legs look pretty different from the head x) But I had soo much fun! I will definitely sculpt more in the future and I already did a little sculpture and working on another right now!

Oh and I wanted to say sorry for the lack of art! I'm pretty busy right now and also am sorting out all of my photoshop brushes >_< until I will have time to draw again I'm going to post a few more details of sculptures I did :)

Feel free to leave a comment!

Tauren, Wyrmstalker Battlegear © World of Warcraft/Blizzard
sculpture by me

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