Garuth by TaruHanako (critique requested)

Garuth (critique requested)


1 August 2014 at 10:32:32 MDT

May I introduce to you: the Garuth!

I came up with him a few years ago. I did draw him then but he did in no way look like the creepy monster he came out to be this time, and that's not only because I couldn't draw scary things back then :'D

I decided to draw him again after looking at my new icon for too long. Cattlecats hair reminded me of horns and I though they would fit Garuth and so he got a revamp! x) I actually planed to draw the mohawk he had but I thought it wouldn't fit too good now :P

While originally having nothing to do with Cattlecat he now kinda ended up as her counterpart :)

Also I'm pretty proud of how he came out, I tried out using a few textures :)

Fun fact: when I started painting him he first looked like a sphynx - scary purple naked cat D:
It still looks like he has a pretty short snout but I'm ok with that x)

I hope he dosn't visit you in your dreams!

As always comments and critique are very appreciated! Don't be shy :)

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