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Caution! Science! by Taross

Caution! Science!


"Are you taking notes?" the blue bunny in the lead asked and continued without really waiting for an answer. "With this device we can monitor the opening window of the Einstein-Rosen-Bridge to the dimension where we sent our probe. The timing for our windows of opportunity for a safe wormhole are rather precise after all..."

TJ nodded and was already scribbling down the notes that Jonesy was giving in shorthand, "And given that we can only track the speed with which the appropriate magnetic fields align when we open the initial passage, it's always going to give us a different countdown, right?"

Jonesy nodded, of course shi didn't have to explain /everything/. Hir current research assistand at least had the same basis of knowledge as shi did.

"Are you still in touch with the main lab?" Jonesy eventually asked.

TJ just indicated the little beacon glowing on hir headset "They know we're coming and they say that the temperature of the reactor hasn't even moved from starting value yet."

"That's odd..." Jonesy replied, "I set it up as a test and it really should be starting to run a little warm." Shi chuckled and winked over hir shoulder. "Well, ready to do some more science today?"


jonesybunny here of course being the head scientist in hir own laboratories, trailed by hir current research assistant TJ. TJ's a good match for this task, given that up to a certain point shi does have exactly the same experience and knowledges as Jonesy... untill things diverged in hir own dimension and shi took to a more practical engineering sciences area.

Shi still knows what's what around dimensional physics though. And right now shi's helping out Jonesy with tracking new stable connections, aided by a device that some old hands at science-fiction might reckognise...

Art made by aggro_badger

DrJones belongs to jonesybunny

TJ belongs to me

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