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Mutually Assured Meteors by Taross

Mutually Assured Meteors


Taross, being a monk mostly by profession out in Eorzea, is often expected to just throw fists or kick hir talons about to subdue hir opponents. And that is what shi usually does as well. And shi does that with quite a reasonable success at that.

However, when out in the fields around Bozja, it appears that shi -and the other adventurers attempting to free the land from Garlean opression- have run into quite an unexpected and unique opponent.
Shievina, the taur Behemoth, had decided that the now mostly abandoned and nicely roam-able lands of Bozja made for a nice new territory. Roiling with destructive aether as it was, there would not be many folks out there to bother the great beastly taur who would be immune to much of its influences and magical storms.

Except, there was now this group of ankle-high pests running around the place making way too much noise. And even worse, scaring and hunting away the creatures they would be hunting themselves for dinner. There was just one thing for it; they had to get rid of these pests in the most expedient way possible.

A fight ensued and much to the Behemoths chagrin these folks weren't running away in terror. Little did they know that most of them had by now faced the Behemoth roaming the frozen Coerthan lands or even the Emperor Behemoth that neighbored its territory. On top of that, their magically immune nature was telling them another equally unique creature had joined the battle at some point; A draught chocobo-taur had been leaving considerable bruises in their hide. The size of the avian fighter making quite a difference in the battle, even as the humanoids around didn't even notice the strange appearance.

Drastic measures were called for and the giant taur rose to their hindfeet, channeling their fiery heritage and summoning down a meteor from the heavens. Finally the pests scattered... except for the Chocobotaur. Raising hir hands in similar manner, aether crackling along hir feathers and upwards, the Behemoth could sense it.

Commonly known, the Red Chocobo is quick to defend itself with magics; fireblasts, scorching talon kicks and the devastating choco-meteor.
Commonly known, the Black Chocobo is known for 'being able to fly' as its most impressive and well-known feat.

What most people except for the most dedicated Chocobo Breeders in Bentbranch and the Hinterlands don't know is that the Black Chocobo is perfectly capable of casting choco-meteor as well. It just normally has a different temprament and doesn't do so.
A black-and-white draught chocobotaur with the power of a Warrior of Light behind hir tailfeathers would. And shi did.

It was now a race to the bottom. Who would win this struggle?
Would the larger and slower meteor from the Behemoth-taur, who started casting first, hit and secure their victory...
Or would the smaller and faster choco-meteor from Taross beat the other and inflict just enough damage to incapacitate the larger taur.

Whatever the outcome, the rank and file adventurers scattering around them would definitely feel THAT in the morning.


Taross is mine
Shiviena belongs to :iconWhiteCentaur:
Art by :iconlykostherium:
Artists submission: TBA
Chocobo, Behemoth, Bozja and the other Spoken Races belong to Square-Enix.

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