Why won't they just stop... by Taross

Why won't they just stop...


19 May 2016 at 13:34:54 MDT

"Oh! That reminds me of something that happened to me the other day. I'll tell you, but you'll NEVER believe it!"
"I'll be the judge of that, do tell, do tell..."

It appears that Taross and Kamatz have ran into one another at a coffee-bar. Naturally, they gravitated to one another and after proper introductions were made, they decided to share a drink and chat a bit.
Unfortunately, it seems that both Kam-cow and Taross-Bo have ample topics to chat about with one another and almost three hours later they're still at it... Much to obvious consternation of their counterparts.

Maybe they'll get the idea to switch to decaf at some point, because I think neither of them realizes that the amounts of caffeine they've taken in by now is ALSO keeping their other self wired. This could probably take a while longer.

Kamatz belongs to   Kamatz
Taross belongs to me.
Art by   MehndiX
Artists upload: TBA

Since I usually miss out on the minutes that MehndiX' occasional 'Coffee-Sketches' are announced on Twitter, Kamatz was so kind as to grab a slot in my name as a surprise. I decided it was just proper to come up with an idea that gave back a little for that kindness...

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    A very much appreciated kindness. Poor things, and of course trying to just walk away is impossible without the cooperation of your full self.

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      All that coffee was a bad idea. :P