Amethyst grub dragon by Tapeworm

Amethyst grub dragon


17 October 2016 at 13:13:56 MDT

here it is! the first dragon to be available for preorder.
To claim it, go here:
or email me at

The price for this one is $250, remember, it's not exactly an adoptable, it's for a complete doll.

It will have :

  • a fancy ball and socket armature, it'll be able to move and be posed in several different ways, and even the wings will be poseable
  • the hands, head and feet will be cast in resin, with details on the head being sculpted so they will be unique to this dragon
  • actual amethyst points for the horns and tail spikes
  • and possibly an articulated jaw so it can open and close (if i can get it to work better than it has in the past)
  • parts of it will be weighted so it can stand on just two legs as well

keep in mind that i am still working on these and it will take me awhile to get done, but I will be posting progress pictures as i work on it.

I might allow partial payments, but i will need at least 100 to start with.

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