DMFA Filler 2013/12/18 - "Ambdar" by tapewolf

DMFA Filler 2013/12/18 - "Ambdar"


18 December 2013 at 14:22:20 MST

This is something that Merlin and I put together when Amber said she was sick and might not be able to update DMFA. She didn't need it at the time, but she has decided to run it today as a holding page until she gets the comic finished.

Since it may disappear, I've decided to post it here. I have to love the half-fox Amber in the mid-right panel.

DMFA and all characters belong to Amber 'Miss Mab' Williams, except for Daryil who is mine.

Artwork and inks by Merlin, colour and DMFA-style shading by me.