Xerian, Part 1 (take 1) by tapewolf

Xerian, Part 1 (take 1)

Xerian, Part 1 (take 1)


9 February 2020 at 14:24:58 MST

This is the first part of what is intended to be a suite of songs about my Synth character, Xerian. I have the second one planned out and parts of it have been written, but it may take a little while to get finished. There will probably be a part 3 but to be honest, I'm not yet sure how to wrap up the story.

Anyway, this was a fun piece to work on. I think the sound effects worked out particularly well - these were done entirely on the Triton.
Things I'm less happy with are using the bass for a lead melody near the start of the song, it resulted in this weird banjo-like sound which I'm not sure I'll keep - it might magically turn into a piano in the final version of the song. I'm also in two minds about the chorus at 3:52, which is why it's not exactly in the forefront of the mix. (I'll be honest - I forgot to mute the group for what turned out to be an otherwise excellent mix.)
The vocals could probably be a bit more polished as well. I might fix that for the album version.

The Synth race was created by Vader-San on FA and Twitter, this story takes a lot of inspiration from the following piece of artwork: https://www.weasyl.com/~krusid/submissions/1839757/solar-patrol - which was in turn inspired by one of the species references, apparently. Oh yes, and the icon artwork was from a picture by merlinthebruce.

Recording was done on 2" 24-track tape, with the vocals and bass tracked on 1/2" 8-track and dubbed across. Echo was done using a Zoom RFX-2000, a Watkins Copicat and a Vox bucket-brigade delay. Mixing was done to 1/4" take on a Studer A807. All the embellishments like the echo at the end of each verse were done entirely with tape. Fun stuff.

This is a song about a Synth, made with the following synths:
*Moog Voyager
*Cheetah MS6
*Waldorf Streichfett with Jurgen Haible triple chorus
*Manikin Memotron
*Korg Triton Rack (and Extreme)
*Roland JV1010
*Hammond XM1
*Hammond SK1
*Alesis DM10

Once on a world with a famine blight
Robot serfs were built to set the world to right
As their reward they were turned loose and set free

Xerian, he was one of these
He could fly a ship, or fell a tree with ease
He roamed the stars, living life as it should be

Sector 3 was a routine trip
For a mk.14 transstellar ship
The only crew on board was Xerian

But as he homed in on his goal
Hyperspace was rent by a cosmic hole
He had no time to adjust his course or run

As his ship passed through the rift
All the systems crashed leaving him adrift
Above a world where none should be at all

Hitting manual override
He reduced his speed with the backup drive
All he could do was to brace against the fall

...to be continued!

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