So...your place or mine? (Merlin commission) by tapewolf

So...your place or mine? (Merlin commission)


11 November 2019 at 12:38:05 MST

A couple of years back we had a window into Jakob's attempts to find love. ( )
One of the background characters was a dog from Hrienth clan who blew Jakob off (and not in the 'getting some action' sense, unfortunately for Jakob).
I'd like to think he had regrets about that... after all, Jakob is from a powerful clan, and their emotional affinities are fairly well aligned (Hrienth are into passion and pain - Daryil are fear and lust).
So here he is again, this time trying his luck with Daniel Daryil (alias Daniel LaGrange) in fetching motorcycle leathers.
Hopefully it will work out better this time.

(We may have erred by giving him feathered wings - all the canon Hrienth 'cubi have leathery wings. I guess this is a quirk like albinism, or a feather-winged parent...)

This is a commission from merlinthebruce. She's still open as of this writing, prices are in AUD which makes them a bargain. For details, see:

Dog incubus mongrel mutt border collie Hrienth Daryil gay sexy seductive motorcycle leathers racing gear boots gloves gauntlets bikers

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