Theme for Daisy by tapewolf

Theme for Daisy

Theme for Daisy


11 March 2019 at 15:59:55 MDT

OK, so merlinthebruce has launched a crowdfunding campaign to do a print run of her 'Daisy' comic.
As part of this, she put together a promotional video, which was entirely silent. I figured that had to be fixed.

The video with its shiny new score can be found here:

Sadly I didn't factor the reverb tails into the score length, so it's been faded a little aggressively to make it fit.
I've uploaded the score here in its unabridged form.

This was done almost entirely on the Roland JV1010's Orchestral expansion card. There is also a smidgen of Korg M1 providing the bassline, and the bass drum was done using the Alesis DM10. In an earlier version I also used the Waldorf Microwave to add some punch to the ending, but that stretched the ending out far too long.

Recording was done on 2" 24-track and mixed to 1/4" SM900. It could probably have been sequenced live, but I wanted more control over the mixing.

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