Erich Taun by Ahro (collab) by tapewolf

Erich Taun by Ahro (collab)


14 February 2019 at 17:28:07 MST

Thanks to a tax return I was able to upgrade my Patreon pledge with ahro to a fullbody sketch. This is the first fruit of that decision.

Erich Taun is one of the supporting cast in 'Heads You Lose', a German Shepherd veteran warrior who is more than he seems. I like his design and Ahro seems to like drawing armour, so I figured he'd be a good pick.

The fact that his armour is partially assembled threw me a bit, since it exposed parts of it which I've never had to colour before. Educated guesses were made as to which parts were armour and which parts were the padding underneath. These guesses may be entirely wrong.
The other thing which gave me pause was that some parts of the armour are medieval looking, for example the gauntlets with the leather strap holding them together, while the knee-pads on the bottom look far more like contemporary/SF body armour.

Erich being far older than he looks, and the world of Furrae being a weird mishmash of medieval and high-tech regions, I thought it might be fun to have something completely anachronistic, like carbon-composite platemail mass-produced in automated factories. Enjoy!

Erich was introduced here: (Warning, that story contains some violent scenes)

Lines were drawn by ahro, colouring by me

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