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Illiath Part 2 (take 1) by tapewolf

Illiath Part 2 (take 1)

Illiath Part 2 (take 1)


Here's the second part in a suite of songs about Illiath Taun, the warrior lady from my Epsilon Project comic (and also DMFA). Lyrics may change slightly as the concept evolves, but it will probably be something along these lines.
Some of this song uses discarded sections from part 1, which is part of the reason I was able to get it done this quickly. Part 3 will probably take a lot longer.

Recording was done on an Otari MX80 24-track machine, with a TSR-8 used for the vocals, bass and fiddly bits like synchronizing the Casio with the rest of the intro. Mixing was done to a Studer A807.
As with Illiath Part 1, vocals were miked with the windshield off which means I may have to do something about the additional sibilance. I may end up re-recording some of them anyway, it was a bit of a rush job to get it finished before Anthrocon.

Also as with the previous song, I used the drop lever on the bass to get a lower notes than normal tuning allows. The undead Cheetah MS6 looks like it might finally be working reliably. Other weird things done on this song included the clavinet, which I don't use much, and the 1980s Casio PT-1 intro.

Artwork by ahro and coloured by me.

Instruments used:
Hammond XM-1
Hammond SK-1
Manikin Memotron
Waldorf MicroWave Mk1
Waldorf Streichfett string machine
Moog voyager
An undead Cheetah MS-6
Roland JV1010
Alesis DM10 drum machine
Steinberger Spirit XT2db
Casio PT-1

Illie went in search of the cave
To find and slay her evil foe
Then she heard some thoughts from above
Of evil men watching below
Seven bandits dropped from the trees
To take her gold or else her life
Soon the leader saw his mistake
Her three-foot sword against his knife

They had no clue what they had done
Mugging the monster is not very fun
"You are a sinner," she said
Then she removed his head

Illie smiled a terrible smile
As he fell dead as he could be
Then her face turned back to a snarl
Since only some had tried to flee
Two of them were skilled at the sword
A clash of steel as they went round
(But) Illie was the top of her class
And left them dead upon the ground

She took their heads back to the town
She claimed the bounty for putting them down
"This one's the leader," she said
And then produced his head

Illie found her way to the cave
To find and slay her evil foe
Pausing every step of the way
And into what she didn't know

A bolt of lightning, a bang and a flash
She dropped unconscious with a metallic crash
What else is there left to tell?
They put her in a cell

(To be continued...)

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