Illiath Part 1 (take 1) by tapewolf

Illiath Part 1 (take 1)

Illiath Part 1 (take 1)


19 June 2018 at 17:28:40 MDT

Here's the beginnings of a suite of songs about Illiath Taun, the warrior lady from my Epsilon Project comic (and also DMFA). Lyrics may change slightly as the concept evolves, but it will probably be something along these lines.

Recording was done on an Otari MX80 24-track machine (which I had to repair the remote for as it stopped working just as I wanted to lay the song down), with a TSR-8 used for the vocals and bass. Mixing was done to a Studer A807.
I also finally got a pop filter so the vocals were miked with the windshield off for the first time ever, which means I may have to do something about the additional sibilance.
Other things of note were that I used the bass' drop lever to get abnormally low notes out of the thing.
This is also the first song since about 2015 to use the Cheetah MS6, which I finally got around to looking at and reanimating. I ended up building an external power supply for it. Of course it promptly threw a strop just as I was trying to record it and I had to track down a problem causing it to blow the fuses on the 12v system. Worth it, though - I adore the growling unison bass at the end of the song, the Nord Modular I've been using as a stand-in is but a pale imitation.

Artwork by ahro and coloured by me.

Instruments used:
Hammond XM-1
Gem RPx piano module
Hammond SK-1
Manikin Memotron
Waldorf MicroWave Mk1
Waldorf Streichfett string machine
Moog voyager
An undead Cheetah MS-6
Roland JV1010
Alesis DM10 drum machine
Steinberger Spirit XT2db

Her sword was sharp, her armour polished bright
Her eyes were blue and blazed with inner light
The townsfolk wondered where and whence she came
The heads of several demons to her name

Illiath the brave
Illiath the free
Illiath the famed
Wandering mercenary

Possessed of wisdom far beyond her years
One slip and everything could end in tears
She knew exactly what the town would do
If they found out she was a demon too

Illiath the brave etc

There was a murderer who'd killed his wife
The town hired Illiath to end his life

Why have I done this?
Why am I here?

There was a monster in a nearby cave
Sent several townsfolk to an early grave
The people begged and offered gold in store
If Illiath could make them safe once more

Illiath the brave
Illiath the free
Illiath the famed
Wandering mercenary

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