Steve Foster by Ahro (Megaplex commission) by tapewolf

Steve Foster by Ahro (Megaplex commission)


16 August 2017 at 14:46:21 MDT

EDIT: Once again, Weasyl has made the image look washed-out unless you click on it for full view. Might have to look into raising a defect about that.

This is a rather sweet rendition of Steve, one of my demon adventurers, shirtless but wearing motorcycle leathers.
It was drawn by ahro at Megaplex earlier this year. I wasn't able to make it to the 'con, and I doubt I will unless I somehow become idle rich.
However, sofox did go there, so I asked him to drop by and say hello. He commissioned this sketch, and then posted it to me at the airport on his way home. I still need to pay him for that.

At some point I'll ink and colour it, but for now, here's a scan, after half an hour of fighting with my 19-year old A3 scanner and the SCSI card. Thank the gods for PCIe-PCI adaptor boards, and Linux, since getting it running on a modern windows system would be a lost cause.

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    I love this ;w; The artist did a great job on your character =D! Loving the thick outline and the shirtless look <3 I didn't know of too many others going to megaplex either. I didn't get a chance to go myself, but I'm glad to see some good artwork coming out of it, and may one day go myself to get some commission advertisement ;w;