Epsilon Project outtake - PVC version by tapewolf

Epsilon Project outtake - PVC version


13 November 2016 at 13:04:16 MST

Okay, so I was working on this page from my Epsilon Project comic and got the idea of giving Nigel PVC jeans, since I've come up with a new technique for lighting them and wanted to practice it.

Then I suddenly realised that he was supposed to be wearing the clothes of Keith the Assassin. So, here's the original version with the vinyl pants and without the splodge of brown paint covering his clan marking.
The proper version is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21711637/

Lines by merlin_the_bruce, story and colour by me.

Unlike latex, which is stretchy and can easily be made skin-tight, PVC won't stretch without being damaged, so it has to be big enough for the wearer to get the clothes on and move around in without ruining the garment.
Because of this it tends to be baggy in places and has a lot more wrinkles in the surface. I am trying out a new highlighting technique where the lines are rippled instead of straight or curved. Critique is welcome on the jeans...

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