Impostor! by Keetah Spacecat by tapewolf

Impostor! by Keetah Spacecat


13 August 2016 at 05:33:05 MDT

Among incubi and succubi who have an affinity for lust, passion and related emotions, there will be a tendency for them to have somewhat more open and relaxed relationships compared to other races or clans.
Even so, there are limits - and using your shapeshifting powers to impersonate one of your friends in order to shag their boyfriend/girlfriend is definitely crossing the line.

This is another product of my commissioning spree with Keetah Spacecat - her original upload is on FA here: Mine is the same, just spreading the word.

Jakob, Daryil and Daxxon are from Project Future and in particular, the Epsilon Project. Jakob in the earlier story was all repressed, short-haired and desperately trying to convince himself he wasn't gay.

The comics can be found here: For those who like notifications, Epsilon is also available on FA here:

Thanks again to Keetah, it turned out wonderfully and it was so nice to run into someone else with similar musical tastes.


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    Oh dear... I'll fetch my healing supplies.