Little Big Cat by tapewolf

Little Big Cat

Little Big Cat


10 July 2016 at 15:02:31 MDT

Okay, so an endangered lynx escaped in Dartmoor a few days ago. There has been a certain amount of hysteria with the reported size of the animal ranging from 'a domestic cat' to 'a labrador', or the amazingly helpful 'bigger than a cat but smaller than a lion'. I wrote this song. Here's hoping Flaviu gets back home safe.

Recording was done on tape using an Otari MX80 24-track recorder, with the more fiddly bits being recorded on a TASCAM TSR-8 first and then transferred using a synchronizer. Mixdown was done on a Studer A807 1/4" stereo machine.

Other equipment used included:
Sonar and Rosegarden sequencers
Soundcraft MFXi20 mixing desk
Manikin Memotron (M400 choir, strings, vibes)
Moog Minimoog Voyager
Hammond XM-1 organ module
Hammond SK-1 (Vox organ, Fender piano, pipe organ)
Raspberry Pi (Organ bass pedals)
Waldorf MicroWave Mk1
Epiphone Thunderbird Gothic bass
Watkins Copicat tape echo

The organ section in the middle quotes from 'What if a day?' by Thomas Campion. Hopefully he won't rise from the vengeful dead because I arranged it into waltz-time.

The icon was sourced from Wikipedia, licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 license. The original file can be found here:

Main headline, the story to see
A huge feline has just broken free
He's mean and vicious, and tall as a truck
And if he finds you, well you're out of luck
So get down on your knees and pray
'cause the little big cat got away

Shut windows and bolt all the doors
The big bad lynx is roaming the moors
But what's the shadow is he over there?
He's death on four legs (well, if you're a hare)
So come on Annie, get your noose
There's a little big cat on the loose

Most headlines are out of control
You'd think he could suck out your soul
He's small and nervous and they're on his track
And when he's hungry he'll likely come back
I guess he has to have his fun
There's a little big cat on the run

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