Catsuit Ben (aka Let's Play "Blackmail!") by tapewolf

Catsuit Ben (aka Let's Play "Blackmail!")


30 December 2015 at 13:51:08 MST

Here's another collaboration with ahro, this time it's Ben Buran Daryil, cubikitsune's character, in a fetching latex catsuit. As an incubus of Daryil clan, Ben has emotional affinities for fear and lust. Daryil 'cubi also tend to be bisexual, so even if they are mostly straight, on occasion they'll flip out and do something weird like this. That's 'cubi for you, though.
Even so, Ben would be mortified if this picture entered general circulation.

This was done for CubiKitsune as a late Christmas present since he got me one and I wasn't expecting it.

The picture was inked and coloured by me from a pencil sketch done by Ahro as one of her PWYW sketch commissions. The original lines can be seen here:

...I made a number of modifications, joining the catsuit body and legs together, but changing the shoes into long boots, changing the way the gloves worked, and extending the zip all the way down and round.

If you're worrying about the bulge, latex catsuits for guys seem to have extra material down below, so they bulge out anyway even when they're hung up in the wardrobe. Hence I think it's probably still General. Let me know if you think that should change.

Catsuits are normally form-fitting and in some ways I think the physique could have been better, but I don't do guys in full bodysuits that much and each time I try it's like starting again from scratch. One of these days I'll devise a formula that works every time, but it's going to take a lot of practice. Maybe it's time to change Daryil's outfit in the comic for a bit.

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