Karyu's Story: The Way the River Flows by TanorFaux

Karyu's Story: The Way the River Flows


3 November 2016 at 23:51:59 MDT

This is a long-awaited story that I have written over the few months. I originally put this story together last year when I created Karyu on February 5th, 2013 and started the story on the 11th. Over the months I worked off and on, till it was completed in December.

I wanted to withheld it till I completed Oltanis Z up to the point this story took place which is in between that series and the second series Oltanis Sigma.

But, for Karyu's birthday which was between February 11th to March 17th, considering where he is from, there is a large time difference. Like Teiden's birthday is the entire month of October in relation.

But, I decided to post it now. This is a long novella kind of story that I wanted to really do for him. He is one of my fursonae, and he is my Zodiac fursona. Because I have three water signs, on the Western, Eastern and Chakra Nature are all water. This inspired me to create him. To further explain Teiden's mysterious past and his family.

This is a story of Karyu, takes place one or two years after the ending of Oltanis Z and two to three years before the start of Oltanis Sigma.


On a side note, this story was loosely based off of a Dungeons and Dragons game I did with friends actually. The main character and some settings I used, as well as other RPG ideas I got from it.