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NEED HELP WITH RENT; I'm selling my Nintendo Wii, 3DS, N64, & Sega Genesis

on 29 June 2015 at 20:45:30 MDT

Okay, I THOUGHT I had someone lined up to buy my Nintendo Wii and N64. I was counting on that for my share of the rent money, but I haven't heard from them since they first messaged me, almost a week ago. My rent is due on the 1st, but I can pay it as late as Friday. My only other option would be to sell these systems at Gamestop or Vintage Stock, and anyone who knows anything about those places, knows they pay cr@p for systems, even like new, in the box! They'd treat it the same as if it was heavily used. :( In any case, photos are available upon request for the 3DS XL, N64, and Genesis. Pics of the Wii are posted in my craigslist ad, below.

Here's what I have:

1) Nintendo Wii - black Mario Kart Bundle
Like new, in box, all original parts, including documentation AND packaging materials (even bags for the cords). The system works fine, but I simply haven't gotten any use out of it, only having played it 3 or 4 times. Photos in my craigslist ad: http://springfield.craigslist.org/vgm/5099288749.html

Asking $140 or best offer.

2) Nintendo 3DS XL - black
Like new, in box, all original parts, same as the Wii. Like new working order, same as the Wii, having gotten only slightly more use out of it, due to roommates having a couple DS games.

Asking $120 or best offer.

3) Nintendo 64 - basic grey
Good condition, both physically and working condition. Has all cords needed to make it work. Includes a green controller, controller pak (memory card), expansion pak (system memory expansion), working copy of Star Wars Racer (podracing), and a non-working copy of Waverace 64 (in case anyone can fix it).

Asking $50 or best offer.

4) Sega Genesis (original model), with 32X add-on attached.
Good condition physically. I assume it still works, but I've been unable to find the A/V cord and controller I had at some point, so I can't test it for sure. I can get those, if you're interested, or they're pretty cheap otherwise. It DOES include all power cords, the pass-through cord to get the A/V signal from the base unit to the 32X, and a copy of Knuckles Chaotix, with box (no manual). This game STILL routinely list for $40 on ebay, without the box.

Asking $60 or best offer.

Since I have such a short time to get rent, ALL reasonable offers will be considered. I need to come up with $150 by friday, so PLEASE make an offer in the comments below. Shipping is not included, but that's something that can be negotiated. Due to the limited time I have, I will need the money up front, but I can take payment via paypal.

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