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Ka'ex vs SSSP - Draft by Tankaa

Ka'ex vs SSSP - Draft


Some days, you just have to beat a hasty retreat. Fall back, regroup, and continue the round.

The Enemy:
Ka'ex? (Probably operated by Felix) - daemon-moeroris

The Runaway Seven:
Carth (entelodont shifter) - SiofraTural (Down, but not out. I'm surprised Theron can move the guy.)
Theron (therizinosaurus) - Xinorbis (Stronger than he looks! Emergency drag handles are wonderful.)
Reklaw Mosshide (dragon) - lisaurian
Cordylus (green iguana) - CordylusLizard
Lisko (space dragon) - lisko (Called shotgun, but some klutz got in the way.)
Algren (falcon tengu) - algren-hayabusa (Providing cover fire. Should be striking from the air.)
Brock Gratz (human) - UnstableReactor (The RNG doesn't like you today. Or the run switch is sticky.)

I know the VW van is sort of an amalgam of the T1 and T2 models, but otherwise the window bar would have obstructed Brock's face and required more adjustments to the composition of the engine. Maybe I'll be able to fix it in inking.

Yes, this is a "Lions and Tigers and Humans, Oh My!" setting. Maybe I'll adjust the demographics a bit once I've had a bit more practice with people, they're harder to draw and don't have a distinctive profile when they're an inch high on the page.

All characters © of their respective owners
Scientific Special Search Party/Science Patrol/Ultraman © Tsuburaya Productions
Volkswagen Type 2 © of Volkswagen

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