Machine Beast 119 vs SSSP - Draft by Tankaa

Machine Beast 119 vs SSSP - Draft


24 May 2015 at 18:15:40 MDT

RZ-119Q "Animate Decoy"

"It's a Skout! We're doomed! No, wait a sec--it's just a dummy Zoid."
"But boss, those don't move!"
"These ones do. Now, where's the real one...?"

The RZ-119Q is just a few hundred kilograms of metamaterials, a speaker system, cheap sensors, metal foil, heating pads, radio transmitters, and single-use pyrotechnic devices that creates the illusion of a large combat mecha. It might look amusingly fake in proper lighting, but to radar and thermal cameras, it might as well be the real deal. Strong winds, artillery blasts, physical interation, and concentrated gunfire tend to ruin the effect.

Warranty void if deployed or otherwise removed from original packaging. Not a life-saving device. For the love of the gods, please don't reprogram it to sing or perform silly tricks.

Let's move on to the stupid metamaterial tricks featured in the picture, instead of the legitimate uses for the hardware. Unsurprisingly, its similarity to the DFRC resulted in its use by Gigantic Monster Combat establishments, with the pyrotechnics removed and the now semi-reusable system rebranded as a "Battle Machine Beast 119."

The Enemy:
Battle Machine Beast 119 (Possibly remotely operated by Zera?) - zoidsfan77

Our Brave Earth Defenders:
Exxy (furry dragon) - heart-of-a-dragoness
Jason Derex (tyrannosaur) - Bellumsaur
Paul-Adrian (human) - thefarcaspaul (Sorry! You should be okay, that's what the integrated spine pad is for.)
Snowfall (cat) - snowfall-the-cat
Kalash (monitor lizard) - akkala5h (Mind that tail. Or possibly a wayward flash bomb. Walk it off.)
CC (wolf) - CrystalCircle

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Chevrolet Corvair © of General Motors

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