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Nuo versus SSSP - Draft by Tankaa

Nuo versus SSSP - Draft


Disaster dominoes in action. Generally, using the car as a weapon (it's a glorified prop or objective) is not sanctioned, since it's liable to wreck the vehicle, tear up the monsters (the metamaterial is tough, but exert force in funny directions or saw at it with a good blade and it will tear merrily) and kill players. It doesn't help that the emergency handling characteristics of RR vehicles can be troublesome for people used to FF and FR behaviors...

The Enemy:
Nuocerious (Thunder Wyvern) - Grey-wingedBlitz Yes, they can fly. "Majestically. Like an eagle..." according to one AI.

Our Brave, er, Hapless Science Patrol:
Ori (Blue Thunderdrake) - TankaaKumawani
Steve (Baryonyx) - SteveG1988
Beva (MiG-21 esque turingrade vec) - theluftgator
Exavier (Northern(?) Sergal) - X-0492
Doug (Generic tyrannosaurid) - DougFluff345
Dr. XIII (human with extensive cybernetics) - Dr-XIII

This is the initial test sketch. Due to circumstances beyond my control, this probably won't be seeing color for a few weeks at minimum. (If you didn't make it into this one, maybe you'll turn up in the third one. Or fourth or fifth, if I have any luck with subsequent monsters)

All characters © of their respective owners
Scientific Special Search Party/Science Patrol/Ultraman © Tsuburaya Productions
Chevrolet Corvair © of General Motors

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