Welcome to Ryetelth by Tankaa

Welcome to Ryetelth


31 January 2015 at 20:53:50 MST

Featuring lapriel

"Teleport is out of the question, much less dimension door, ethereal jaunt, or teleport circle. We're lucky that no one ended up in solid rock, or hundreds of feet in the air. The planar structure is...different here. Who knows what something like shadow walk or plane shift would do until we can scrape up a test object."

"And of course, hypercomm is intermittent at best. It's going to be a while before we get home. At least we have E-skip and message stones."

Let's not get into how hard it's going to be for a bunch of assorted splices and rianths to blend in. While they're in a fantasy setting, that sure as heck isn't a continual flame lantern, and the magical system they're used to operates in a completely different manner. "Oooh, the cute little runty wyverns think that they're people." Or getting dissected by the Office of Unusual Insight, whose hands would only be stayed by the sheer rarity of what unceremoniously popped into their universe.

This took forever to finish. I just haven't had much time to color things since I got my job back in November.

Artwork, Ori Hadar (c) of me
Brenda (c) of Lapriel
Bazil Broketail setting (c) of Christopher Rowley

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