MF-74Se Maaru - Draft by Tankaa

MF-74Se Maaru - Draft


1 September 2014 at 14:07:22 MDT

MF-74S/e "Maaru"
General Purpose Civilian Metal Frame

1 occupant (pilot)
4m tall
3.7 tons
electro-hydraulic propulsion
Top Speed: ~19km/h (feet)

The latest mid-line model from Bazetta Mechatronics, with a quirky rounded design and high-visibility bubble canopy. Bazetta made its name with the low-profile torso on their compact MF-59S/e Elecki, and decided to enter the medium hardware market. It's a popular unit, found on both Azore and Graboondo. The /d variant hasn't been a big success, most customers don't need the off-the-grid runtime and the genset modules have been gathering dust in inventory.

There is one complaint about this model: The curved plastic canopy is a greenhouse in the summer and the scratched panels take some effort to polish or replace compared to the flat panes on the Ogre and Elecki.

Much like its namesake, it's small and fast, with a running speed equal to that of military and police MFs. The Ground Glider, Bog Boot, Snow Slider, or Terrain Track secondary movement systems are typically not common in civilian service. A skidsteer, bulldozer, forklift, or excavator has a top speed of about 12km/h, after all.

Versions with 7-10mm eRHA composite (aluminum/aramid/FRP) armor and limited weapons systems (an autoloading 10 gauge shotgun or 37mm low-velocity projector) serving as light security units are not unknown, especially as plant or complex security. This provides decent small-arms and impact protection, but is ineffective against heavy machinegun fire (13mm), 10-gauge shotgun slugs, or a well-aimed 8mm FMJ rifle round.

Artwork © of me
Solarstorm setting and elements © of Zalcoti

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