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Tankaa Kumawani 2014 Reference by Tankaa

Tankaa Kumawani 2014 Reference


7 May 2014 at 13:34:13 MDT

Tankaa Kumawani
Anthropomorphic Pliosaurus

Tankaa has come a long way since his first appearance in 2008 and his rise to primary status in late 2010. I'm glad to finally have a marking scheme, color, and general anatomy that look good on the character. The full turnaround should be very useful for other artists if I commission artwork myself, some aspects are hard to mentally rotate and view from different angles.

"Anthropomorphic Pliosaurid" would be a more accurate description for Tankaa, he's a loose amalgamation of large pliosaur species with monitor lizard-style external ears and lips, with some of Goji's sternum and upper torso thrown in for good measure.

Any suit/cosplay work for Tankaa will occur after Ori. It's primarily a budgetary issue, three-odd kilodollars is a manageable sum, close to seven in one go is asking a bit much. Not to mention that I'll probably be a bit nomadic in the coming years, I can only afford to haul so much krutz around.

Once again, I'll give props to the following users.
Zalcoti for pushing me to improve my art over the past couple years.
ThomasOtom for his excellent sculpture of pliosaurus macromerus, which helped solve the facial anatomy issues.
Toadstone as she's served as a source of advice (and comparison) for drawing anthropomorphic prehistoric marine reptiles.

Tankaa Kumawani, Artwork © of me

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