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Tankaa Turnaround - Draft by Tankaa

Tankaa Turnaround - Draft


2 April 2014 at 08:03:17 MDT

Let's return to more...normal content.

I finally managed to sketch out a turnaround of Tankaa for the upcoming reference art, in addition to fixing his proportions and anatomy. There are a few skews and errors to correct while I ink this in addition to adding in some back musculature, but Tankaa already looks a lot better than he did one or two years ago. In addition, I'll be adding better oblique, clothed, and section detail views for the final version of this, which should be ready within the next month or so.

Turnarounds really do help a lot with reference art and picturing your character in three dimensions. On top of that, both deviantART and Weasyl have fewer restrictions on image dimensions, which allows for more flexibility when composing reference sheets.

I'd like to thank the following individuals.
Zalcoti for pushing me to improve my art over the past couple years. Without you, Tankaa would just be a stupid blob with congestive heart failure instead of the Monster of Lake Erie.
Thomas Otom of deviantART for his excellent sculpture of pliosaurus macromerus, which helped solve some anatomy issues I had with Tankaa's head.
Toadstone as she's served as a source of advice (and comparison) for drawing prehistoric marine reptiles.

Artwork, Tankaa © of me

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    Very nice reference sheet. :)

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      Thanks. I'm going to work to improve it even more.

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    Really nice work. I always thought you did a good job with Tankaa.

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      Thanks, Ptrevor.