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Out On Solars - BS12 Fanart by Tankaa

Out On Solars - BS12 Fanart


Music: "Airborne" - Future World Orchestra

Poking fun at the old "Wish You Were Here" Space Station 13 image, we can contrast chaotic conditions common to competing compounds with the comparative calm of the NSS Exodus. Especially the kind of peace and quiet found while out wiring solars, if your name is Ori Hadar. (Admittedly, unless they're wired preemptively, they're usually hooked up in a panicked rush to keep the station's powernet from going black. You do not want to do a black start of the station with a PACMAN and crossed fingers.)

Ori is a good Engineering or Atmospherics Technician a lousy Chief Engineer. He's good as the CE's second in command, but large-scale leadership, multitasking, and his difficulties with delegating tasks cause him to flounder once things start malfunctioning on a large scale. (I still think they need to do a concise guide to setting airlock electronics, I find the current system mind-boggling.) The end result--panic attacks and catatonia. This is more my problem than an in-character issue...

I do wish the breacher hardsuit available for Unathi on Baystation had an integrated flashlight. Having to carry an extra one around is such a pain, since it's standard on the other hardsuit types. Oh well.

Artwork, Character © of me
Space Station 13 is open-source (who's the author), but Baystation-specific content and bits of the TGS13 fork are probably © of their respective maintainers

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