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Karru Concept - Draft by Tankaa

Karru Concept - Draft


20 November 2013 at 11:56:13 MST

For Karru on deviantART

Karru asked me to help him cover the aspects of his fursona that he wanted, including both the smaller robot and inflatable forms in a reasonably consistent mannter. Since he's an eastern dragon, my thoughts turned to the pearl they're often portrayed carrying, and that seemed like a good thing to plop an AI core into.

AI Core - Looks like a large, shiny orb about the size of a largish grapefruit. Not particularly mobile on its own. Turned up on Tankaa's doorstep unexpectedly.

AI Backup Card - Optronic storage card, capable of storing the contents of the AI core. Minimal onboard processing capability.

Unit #1 - Typical robot body, feral bodyplan with opposable extremities, about a meter and a half long. Compact, portable, and provides sufficient substrate for full Turingrade operation. Has a pretty nice internal toolkit, too.

Unit #2 - AI-in-meat anthropomorphic body with concealed cybernetic components. Practical. Has ample processing substrate for full Turingrade operation.

Unit #3 - Heavily modified Deployable Flexible Robot Chassis unit, adapted from Gigantic Monster Conflict merchandise (Aoiryuu?) turned out by the fabber at Tankaa's workplace (the stuff sells, in spite of the price and some of the permit issues). Overly whimsical, far too big, and kind of dumb without the AI module due to limited performance of onboard processing hardware for subturing simulated intelligence suited to kaiju wrestling. (Tankaa likes being hugged by it, but won't admit it.)

Taking a break from technical illustration work to do something a bit more lighthearted was an enjoyable break for me. Not to mention it gives Tankaa reasons to start reassembling a team of friends...

Artwork (c) of me

Karru (c) of his player

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