MF-57S Ogre - Draft by Tankaa

MF-57S Ogre - Draft


4 September 2013 at 10:39:05 MDT

For Zapydos2

MF-57S "Ogre"

Civilian Metal Frame

This design is a rugged classic which has served in construction sites, warehouses, and disaster areas for decades. Its upright cockpit makes it a bit taller than comparable units, but allows for a wider field of view. There are both battery powered (not pictured, has an Evangelion-style extension cable)a nd combustion-engine powered (pictured) versions of this Metal Frame, suited for different operating conditions. The unit pictured sports the classic cargo manipulator claws in lieu of more delicate hands or grabbers.

Unsurprisingly, if there's a report of some drunk construction worker or a heavily armored madman going on a rampage, this is probably what they're piloting. Police departments using these (Metapol?) usually upgrade to a demilitarized battleframe based on the Cavalier or Archer hulls as the Ogre is not particularly fast or nimble. Other emergency services like it because it can deliver a lot of power and carry heavier payloads.

The Ogre (formerly "Daitaya") is loosely based off of the Power Loader from Aliens, AMP Suits from Avatar, the ATs of VOTOMS, and the HL-96 Tyrant 2000 from Patlabor. I've constrained mecha for Solarstorm to about 4-5m in height for reasons of bulk, fouled overhead wires, spacecraft cargo capacity, and ground pressure. An 8m mech can't enter confined spaces, is a tall target with limited payload compared to a conventional AFV, leg durability is worrisome, and falls are devastating instead of merely bone-rattling and silly-looking. (That, and their squat proportions seem to render them cute.)

I decided to redraw the Metal Frames as digitigrade so they would resemble the species that built them just a little more closely. It's hard to tell due to the bulky boots and secondary heel structure, though.

Artwork © of me

Solarstorm 1000 © of Zapydos2

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