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Ash & H4k0 - Kaiju Test by Tankaa

Ash & H4k0 - Kaiju Test


You made the inspirational off-hand comment, DragonWreck, you were going to be included when I decided to run with it. What would be better for a cathartic power fantasy than basically being a demigod? Also, hypergolic flamethrower...because we don't really have to worry about hydrazine poisoning.

Hdorriker seems to change every time I draw him. It doesn't help that he's nominally a quadruped and doesn't have a particularly standardized reference sheet. They could stand to go a bit easier on the Number 6 fuel oil though, they should be sleeker and more deadly-looking. I might reshape the radiators too, although the swept curves do look nice. A particle beam is the obvious breath weapon choice here.

The story so far on "A Little Creative Destruction" is that it's going to be assembled on multiple pieces of paper. I'm too worried about messing up that complex background by drawing the characters and wreckage directly on to the 11x17 page.

Artwork © of me
Characters © of their respective owners

"Beetles? Really, Emil? Are you sure we should..."
"We're all under a lot of stress. It'll let us forget about those idiots setting the world on fire, at least for a few hours."

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