BLK - Suit Design Sheet by Tankaa

BLK - Suit Design Sheet


23 August 2020 at 20:26:34 MDT

A Commission for BLKdragon

BLK: The polyfleece, polyurethane foam, and expanded polystyrene edition. Perfect for hugging and being a cushion for smaller individuals. Not so good during a heatwave, but that's what Compcooler vests and a spotter with a bladder of ice water are for. This suit was also not made for sitting...the curse of heavily padded suits is that they don't bend at quite the same points you do. Especially not at the hips, plus the "butt plate" the the base of the tail is attached to to put it in the right position gets in the way.

Always fun to draw, regardless of what they're made of. Sure, they've been switched over from neck vision for practical reasons (my experience with smacking Zinogre's head on door frames, door closers, exit signs, etc), but they should still be about as close to the real thing in scale as you can get. There should be more commentary, but I'm not really in top form right now. Sorry, folks.

Artwork © of me
BLK © of his player

So you say a brief prayer to Nakajima-sama for luck while the spotter is zipping you up, and waddle out on to the con floor wearing a couch...

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