Let's Put Weird and Weird Together... by Tankaa

Let's Put Weird and Weird Together...


18 March 2019 at 07:46:36 MDT

Or "Gage, Part 7"

"Uchuu wa Taihen da!” - Yuko Matsutani (1981), Lyrics by Akira Itou
Translation from AnimEigo (a different verse than used in the ending, but more fitting here.)

~Let's put weird and weird together,
and make it even weirder!
Weird, weird space is

This vast space is
unbearably strange.
Nonsensical things happen on
an everyday basis.
Even so, we mustn't be surprised.
Let's calm down and talk about it.
Hold on. What? What?
Something's weird!
Hold on. What? What? Something's
surely a little weird!
If it isn't weird, it won't be fun.
If you act like it's no big deal,
it'll be too ordinary.

Let's put weird and weird together,
and make it even weirder!
Weird, weird space is

“Hoshikuzu no Yume,” the popular companion series of “Kuriiburandaa Monogatari.” A science-fiction program known for its quirky references, unusual circumstances, detailed depictions of equipment, amusingly neurotic cast of beastpeople, slightly mad creator, and sometimes-gratuitous VR sequences. The most recent one (“Gage, Pt. 6”) “delivered on promises of fanservice hertofore viewed as empty” albeit “incredibly out of character, even for one of these segues.” Test audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive, including such things as “wobbling with joy,” “the lighting is kind of wonky,” “they're adorable,” “saabisu-saabisu~”, and “the old Tankaa is back!”

Unsurprisingly, the cast and crew woke up feeling a little hung over. The producer decided to make changes in order to inform the audience that yes, the preceding arc was noncanon and that Ori was not permanently transformed into a synth, not consumed and destructively uploaded by Borusa, incapable of growing to physically improbable “cosmic horror” sizes, and not powered by an artificial white hole. The tyrannosaur courier pilot, lupine MT technician, and industrial spacer drake were just playing a fun iSekai simulation when holed up in the ship’s storm cellar during a stellar flare. And thus, we have our silly reference, the VR helmet, Ori doing his best impression of Lum Invader, and a song about how outer space is super-weird and not getting bent out of shape about those times when things don’t make sense.

I really should have drawn Ori in a superdeformed style for this, but at least I was able to shmutz up the art well enough to make it look reasonably fitting. It took a few nights of fine tuning to make it not look overly crisp. The katakana should be correct, but the kanji are machine translation and some guesswork. Yes, this was a response to the “What was I thinking?” question that came up the morning after I finished Part 6, along with a feeling that I had my character redesigned to fit someone else’s specifications. What way could I escape without having to junk things, spend hours recomposing something I didn’t want to touch again, or repeat past mistakes with yet another uncontrolled hot take? This was the way.

Artwork, Ori © of me
Urusei Yatsura © of Rumiko Takahashi

“I think everyone's had too far much Synthmania. How about you?” -Ed

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    Nice work. :)

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      It was the only way to really get myself out of the corner I ended up in with this series.

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    Lol, that works

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      About as well as anything else could have.