Gage - Pt. 6 by Tankaa

Gage - Pt. 6


18 March 2019 at 07:28:06 MDT

For Gage/Spherical-Wolf

Part six of a six-part series. But wait, there's more?!

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Dorsal radiators aglow, three synths dozens of astronomical units in length consume a luminous blue variable star. An orange tyrannosaur, a blue drake, and a grey dragon. They are essentially swollen titanic balloons of exotic, seemingly snare-taut hypermaterial. Engorged bodies straining to remain in one piece against forces that simultaneously threaten to make them both explode or collapse into singularities. There is only one possible power source that could support such creatures—an artificial white hole produced by ManiField systems capable of nigh-obscene high gradient output. All this filtered through layer upon layer of psitech and post-trans-singularity photovoltaic material that amounts to a flexible matrioshka brain with unfathomable processing capability. On top of that, these ManiField systems provide high-performance supraluminal reactionless and inertialess drive capabilities in addition to the obligatory structural integrity and contragravity fields.

Their supply of matter and energy is virtually infinite thanks to the white hole power system. Not even heat death could keep them from outgrowing and consuming the multiverse, achieving apotheosis. A 19th-century French physicist named Sadi was found in a bathtub full of ice with various internal organs removed. Only Ludwig’s beard and an eyeglass lens have been found and investigators fear for the worst. The fact that both thermodynamicists are supposed to be long-dead and lost to entropy makes this find all the more disconcerting...

Fanservice. You asked for it, you’re gonna get it.

Artwork © of me
Gage © of Spherical-Wolf
Borusa and power systeum upgrades © of BorusaRyalam
Synth Species © of VaderSan
Synth Shticks suggested by KobaltSilverstar


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    Wow, I thought you swore off these kind of sizes for good! While it is nice to see something familiar, I just hope it doesn't go down the same path as the last time...

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      Yeah, it ended up being a bit more destructive to things than I expected. But eh, I can just move on, I'm better than I used to be.