Space Couriers by Tankaa

Space Couriers


23 January 2019 at 10:54:14 MST

Future World Orchestra - "Airborne" (2009 Ver.)

For Borusa-Ryalam and iconRoninFoxtail and possibly Weks'collective strapped to the cargo pallet.

IPXS. Interstellar Parcel eXpress Service. The B-Corp (or analog therof) that handles nonbiological interstellar shipments that simply can't be destructively scanned and reproduced by an autofac. Such parcels should not contain things that are fragile, liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous, including charged batacitors and perfume. Everyone has a perfume horror story, ranging from "why Tsien's nose doesn't work anymore" to "that time Heston had a cabin flash fire."

I imagine the Graumann Astronautics Multi-Mission Space Utility Vehicle as a mashup between Space: 1999's Eagle Transporter or the early, tracked version of Starbug from Red Dwarf and the Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle. It has a sort of homely charm similar to that of postal trucks and late-Seventies light rail vehicles. The original ventilation system was described as "woefully underpowered" and "leaves one in their own cloud of carbon dioxide," so more powerful vent fans and outlet vents (seen here as perforated tubes) were added.

The gravity talisman is an ancient good-luck tradition as old as crewed spaceflight itself. These small plush toys on a string act as a crude accelerometer. Sometimes a pair of dice on a string are used in lieu of a single plushie, this variation is hotly debated in some piloting circles.

It's everything I wanted it to be. Cute references and all. Both the MMSUV and these pressure suits need to be properly detailed at some point, so we'll probably see them again later.

Artwork, Stardust Dreams © of me
Borusa Ryalam © of Borusa-Ryalam
Ronin Foxtail © of RoninFoxtail
Mr. Zip © of the United States Postal Service.

"The MMSUV. It isn't pretty, but it gets you where you need to go." - Graumann Astronautics Corp.

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    "All these worlds are yours, except Europa." - From the movie, 2010: Odyssey Two

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      Or the book. Mind you, pinkish-orangish-reddish gas giants with large visible storm systems aren't exactly rare and this one's a long way from a familiar but unremarkable main sequence yellow dwarf star...