Another Planet's Sun - Preview by Tankaa

Another Planet's Sun - Preview


22 November 2017 at 19:57:59 MST

2007 AP, aboard a StarTrade Group hab somewhere in the vicinity of Arth...

~Without a c-note to my name/hopped a shuttle/here I came/could be brave or just insane/we'll have to see~

Ori, son of Suhail and Renee, older brother of Claire, was once but an upper midworlder from the recently recontacted colony world Arth. He threw aside his inheritance (and graduation present) for the chance to travel far beyond his homeworld. By the time he had signed on with the Blood Rhinos and finished the first round of basic training, there was no turning back...

lhs3020b's work inspired me to try my own hand at drawing and writing science fiction vignettes. Floppy Ears' backstory was long overdue for an explanation. How did he end up as the lumbering thunder rhino we know him as today? How did things go horribly wrong with the Lieutenant? Why did he retire? What recently drove him to rejoin the life of a soldier for hire? Why draw this now? What's with the abrupt but inevitable genre shift? Where's your fanservice?

This image will be scrapped when I color the full-page images. Hopefully there will be a lot more in the future.

Artwork, characters © of me
Fizarians © of Zefnoly
My apologies to Hurwitz, Paseck, and Paul for butchering that wonderful opening number

"Close your mouth before a fly goes in, Big Ears. Oh right, you're a lizard. Probably a light snack for you, huh?"
"I've been insulted by a robot! This really is the future..."
"Hmph, groundhogs."

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