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The Rival, Skinned by Tankaa

The Rival, Skinned


For GoddessofMonsters, because I really want some competition in the area of Northern Ohio monster suit builders.

Stripping a design down to its underlying details can have interesting results. They aren't using the hard upper torso method, but it doesn't mean I can't do a bit of speculation about how my technique would work on another suit. (Prior to buttressing, there are tick-marks on every seam and labels on every component.) This does not contravene the Fanservice Reduction Act due to the lack of dermal layers.

Well, they're the only other one in the Cleveland 'plex, so I have to honor my commitments as a rival and at least sketch out some underlying structure and offer whatever helpful advice I can on foam-o-mancy. They're going to have to find their own spotter, though.

It is a lot easier to draw something you've been staring at for the past few weeks. I used a few more pattern pieces in my legs and the torso bag has defined musculature, but you get the rough idea of what these suits look like under the outer skin.

Artwork © of me
Exa © of GoddessofMonsters
Derived from Matt Frank design

"See you at next year's Wizard World Comic Con!"

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