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Spiraling Leviathans by Tankaa

Spiraling Leviathans


"Stop trying to get away, Tankaa!"

For SylxeriaGuardian on deviantART

Lagi has some help this time around. Tama makes an appearance, backing up the other leviathan. However, that won't be enough to nab the pliosaur...he's got an HHMU and ~8 m/s of ∆v.

There seems to be no good solution for approximating underwater combat in the LARP games. The obvious choice was impractical because most bipedal humanoid sophonts are mediocre swimmers, and the DFRC chassis is positively buoyant. On the plus side, they're kind of fun to have at pool parties if you're in to that sort of thing.

The second option was taking advantage of microgravity recreation areas, covering the safety netting with flexible displays and making one end of the cylinder the seafloor and the other the surface. Maneuvering within the volume could be accomplished with an assortment of cold gas propulsion systems and simply kicking off of the barriers. This wasn't much of a success either owing to the poor specific impulse of cold gas propulsion, although the blower-based systems (based around a rechargeable leafblower and a series of thrust-vectoring nozzles) showed merit.

I decided to try something different with the lighting on this one. (The spiraling compositon seems to be a thing with me, it just keeps turning up. I mean, it worked for Karru after all...)

Artwork, Tankaa, DFRC Series © of me
Mizutsune, Lagiacrus © of Capcom

"You watch your remaining ∆v tick down, wondering if it's fair/Cool jets of Freon 134 blowing in your nonexistent hair~" (This song complies with the Montreal Protocol.)

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    I am curious what happens should one of those valves come undone underwater.

    I am liking this series tho it isn't hard to see why. Nice work on this pic.

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      They aren't underwater, hence why Tankaa has a "zip gun" Gemini maneuvering unit and feels the cold blasts of evaporating Freon instead of being pulled along by a DPV, and the bubbles are trailing "down" away from the Mitsune. One end of the area represents the seabed, the other represents the surface. (That, and if this were water, Tankaa wouldn't be wearing his street clothes.) If the check portion of the valve comes undone, they empty out like any other inflatable. Think about it as a Boston valve large enough to put an arm through.

      This takes pace at roughly the central axis of a Bernal Sphere or O'Neill Cylinder, but the safety netting on the microgravity recreation area has been covered with flexscreens.