Cosplay Wars by Tankaa

Cosplay Wars


27 October 2016 at 18:06:34 MDT

Between Worlds Entertainment - FantasyQuest™ Beasts of Battle™

When you can't find splices to play the monsters, there are always other options. This bunch might not be the best, but they're the only ones they could find and shove into bulky piles of foam padding on short notice. It's not so bad for the gnoll or gryphon bodies, but between the impact padding and body structure, both the lizardman and dragon are hauling a lot of suit around.

The tone is probably closer to Dragon Quest or Mother than Final Fantasy.

From left to right, we're looking at:
The Gnollchemist - Her chemical warfare is no laughing matter
The Gryphmage - Combines the best and worst features of arcane casters, felines, and avians.
The Bar-Var-ian - Always in the lead because he has lots of HP.
The Dragondeacon - On track to be Bahamut's Blase Battle Bishop.
The Saberfighter - He's more of the Zweihander type.

Artwork © of me

"Ugh. If we can't get this together, you're going to get shellacked by those Dungeon Crawlin' Fools. I knew I should have drafted the Lizard Wizard."

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